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The best fish personally chosen by Chef Luciano

In the quiet of Alto Livenza Pedemontana between sources hills and picturesque villages rich in history, a bit ‘of time chef Luciano and his wife Marzia created the “Officina Del Gusto” which revives the ancient bond with the Serenissima giving space to fish.

Thanks to his experience as a citizen of the world today Luciano reoffers it with a new cut more contemporary, belonging to our modern age with a deep selection of the raw materials. Look at the menu.

Occasions to taste chef Luciano’s cousine are several from the Palu area, which belongs to Unesco, to the ruined castle going trough the chance of doing both trecking and mtb. It is the perfect location for your day trips and week end getaways just out of Pordenone, Officina Del Gusto innovation and tradition. Discover the territory.

The ideal destination, in short, to welcome you in your outings a few steps from Pordenone but in the countryside, the workshop of the taste of tradition and innovation. Find us in the map.

If you are looking for a calm spot meeting gourmet taste stop looking you found it! Perfect for lunch and dinner, it will be able to satisfy every taste and pocket. Read the latest News.

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